Saturday, October 3, 2009

Now How Did That Donkey Get on Top of Terry's and Mollie's Engagement Cake?

...and so the time came for this cake designer to create a special cake for her son's and daughter-in-law's engagement.
What does a designer do? Well as in any special cake project, one thinks of the couple and what their passions are as well as who they are as a couple and what they embrace.
Mollie and Terry have embraced our Greek heritage and culture. So much so that they are going to be married in our village of St. George, Sikousis on the handsome island of Chios, next summer.
Because of this, I decided to recreate a typical, white stucco'd village kafeneo (tavern) built probably in the early 1900's...replete with the blue patched doors, slightly shifted door jams, hanging tomatoes, a clothes line with drying beach clothing, a little cafe table with feta cheese, olives, a loaf of bread and a bottle of "ouzo" and of course the typical donkey....which by the way was NOT on the roof at the start of the party! Somehow, he made it's way up to the water resevoir tank to get a drink! I also added a display of drying almonds.
When YiaYia Maria (Terry's grandmother) was still with us, she would gather all of the almonds from our almond groves and sun dry them on the roof. Our kids would go up there and watch her shell the almonds and spread them to dry. It was my way of having her with us.
As was the eyelet cut lace curtains in the window, which YiaYia Theodora always had in her NY windows.
The kids, our families and friends (who by the way came from all over the country to be with us....from, Oregon to Minnesota to DC to South Carolina and of course all over NY... had a blast at Laterna Restaurant, in Bayside, New York. We ate scrumptious food, and danced to great Greek music until we dropped. Even Grandpa John, on cane straight from dialysis danced. The joy we all had in seeing Mollie and Terry together filled the room.
As we say in Greek...Kala Stefana kai E Hora E Kali! (Literal loses ... but here goes..."To your crowns and to the Good Hour" Meaning I your wedding!"
Is this mom designer doing their wedding cake? Well...I will be designing it but as for the execution of it....on the a little hard. But I will be scouting for a bakery that can come through for us! Any ideas anyone?

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  1. Congratulations Momma! The cake was beautiful for a beautiful occassion. Every time I see one of your designs I wish I still lived in the Northeast. I know transprotation to South Carolina is a little hard for one of your gorgeous confections! :o)
    Congrats again and my best to everyone!