Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Casino Cake Anyone?



Thea? Hi there! I need a cake! It's Peter's 31st birthday and we're celebrating at Carmine's on the Upper West Side...Can you make a cake for me?

Of course you know the answer is going to be yes!

So, we threw around a couple of ideas, and came up with Peter's Casino Cake! What fun! The cake design included a Roulette Wheel with a mobile white board that landed on 31, some playing cards, dice, a roulette playing board, 3 cherries representing a slot machine....Hearts, Spades and Clubs and lots of gold coins springing from the top and strewn all around the board....and the cake spun....Now how is that for extreme?

The cake was delish too!!!!

When my daughter Theodora who was at the party came home...she said that the cake made a big hit...The other diners,oohed and aahed and even one of the chefs came out and wanted to meet the designer! (Me!)

Alas I wasn't there....but how cool when the chefs want to meet the creator of a cake!

My five minutes of fame. Too cool!

To my nephew Peter! Happy 31st Birthday! Dessie! Na ton herese!

On a side note...you know a cake is super awesome when your 2 year old nephew starts screaming when the cake is taken away from the table and starts pointing to where it's placed saying....."Cake!!!! Cake!!!!"

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