Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa and Rudolf Taking a Break and Getting Reading for a Snowball Fight!

This famous duo needed to take a break before they set off on their worldwind tour of the world delivering their gifts to all the good little boys and girls....but not before they had their annual snowball fight!

This cake was made for a group of good boys and girls in the 4th grade in Ms. Martinez' class at P.S. 166Q in Astoria, New York, for their Holiday Party. Their teacher called me and left a message that was "crazy"!!! Never had I heard such a reception! I've heard oohs and ahhs and squeals of delight on previous deliveries....but this was totally insane! I felt like a rock star! The screams of glee and excitement were unbelievable! Wow!!! Now I know how Duff must feel when he delivers to Fenway Park! This is tooo cool!

Wow! The world of cakes has totally become outrageous! Such a simple delight to have become such a sensation!

Oh! I keep on forgetting...the flavor of the cake...One of my most popular....Red Velvet with a Cream Cheese Frosting! Yummo!



Sunday, December 20, 2009

Grand Opening of Creekside Market Place in Windham, New York

Mary and Lambros Flouras, the proud owners of the new Creekside Market Place in Windham, New York had their grand opening on December 19, 2009. To celeberate their long awaited dream come true, they asked me to create grand opening cupcakes for them.
Of course this cake designer couldn't leave it at that...so she (moi) created a cake to go with the cupcakes.
The cupcakes were designed like cherry pies and the main cake a simple yet elegant white cake with burnt orange whimsical roses, kissed with 24k gold dust.
Flavours...why Mary's favorite of course...Red Velvet and Cream Cheese Frosting.
Unfortunately, we were not able to attend due to the snow storm conditions that hit the Northeast. But we were there in spirit.
Mary promised to forward pictures of the opening. We're looking forward Mary!
The Creekside Market Place features gourmet delicasies as well as everyday staples. The warm environment and most hospitable owners make Creekside Market Place a must go to when you are in Windham, New York.
Here is wishing both Mary and Lambro great success in their new venture!
Can't wait to come up and sit in your enchanting shop by the creek with a cup of steaming coffee and great conversation!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Newest Creation - The Angeliki

Angeliki and her hubby with "The Angeliki". They celebrated
at Limani Restaurant on Long Island.

Here is Angeliki, her hubby and beautiful daughter at

"mommy's" 30th!

This cake was made for Angeliki who turned 30 just the other day and celebrated her special day with her family. Angeliki loves roses and diamonds and her family of course!

Because of this I created this simply elegant cake. The initial inspiration was from a Tiffany Box. But of course I couldn't leave it at that...thus... the ribbon roses and edible sugar diamonds.

I know...I know...everyone is asking....what about the cake flavors. Well my dears....my most favorite of all....Deep Dark Decadent Chocolate with a Semi-Sweet Chocolate Ganache and Raspberry filling. Yummo! I'm so glad I had some cake left over....Dessert for moi tomorrow night!

Happy 30th Angeliki!
Good Morning!
The cake was amazing, of course! The response was great, everyone was wowed! People in the restaurant were oohing and ahhing!! The chocolate was a great choice, it was delicious!!! I'm glad I went with it!! I am honored that this cake will be known as the Angeliki!! Love it! I have attached photos for your blog! Thanks again and I cannot wait for the next time I order one of your yummy masterpieces!!