Sunday, October 25, 2009

Center Stage at "Four" in Melville! I get a phone call from a gentleman asking for a cake for his wife's 40th birthday "surprise" celebration. Lucky lady to have such a husband. They're few and far between!

We made the appointment for a consultation. With him...he brought a picture of a Marc Jacobs Purse and Shoe. Right away...I loved the concept and with a tweak here and there, we came up with the color of the final product and what to put on the hardware to personalize the purse.
He decided on a white cake with Italian Merengue and Pineapple and Coconut filling...yummo!
Reminds me of a pina colada and my trip to the Bahamas!

The venue? Oh my goodness people! "Four" on Route 110. He told me there were four rooms, each one in the deco of a season. Ultra modern.I tried to envision the rooms but didn't get the full effect until I got there for the delivery. Totally amazing. I didn't want to leave. I'm not much for "modern" but this restaurant's decor was chic!!!! I plan on going back for dinner!

From the moment we walked in...My daughter Theodora and I were surrounded by the wait staff...then Josh....and then the chef came out....and several customers! We were asked if we were on Food Network! Wow...what a compliment! Is my head filling? Noooo! Just nice to hear and to see the reactions on people's faces. It's really cool making people happy.
Josh was so sweet (no pun intended) when he said..."We've had cakes in here before...but this cake is by far the best we've had at "Four!" (Thanks Josh!)

We were given a front and center table in front of a fireplace in the "Winter Room". My God...the effect was to die for! A red cake on a stark white tablecloth, in front of a modern stovepipe fireplace with snow white seating, uplit by a blue light emenating from each of the steps leading up to the cake! I felt like a star!

A special thanks to Chris L. for ordering the cake from me....and a Very Happy Birthday to Yvonne!

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