Saturday, July 28, 2012

Oreo Cookie Cake and Keyboard for Josh Dodes' 39th!

What better way to celebrate your 39th Birthday but with an Oreo Cookie Cake and your best friend Annette Artani!

When Annette Artani called me to create this cake for her best friend Josh, I was thrilled! Just imagine creating a cake for a friend...but also in the shape of yes....I have to admit favorite cookie in the whole world....Oreos!!!! Not only was the cake in the shape of a double stuffed no less Oreo was made with Blackout Brooklyn Chocolate Cake and Cookies and Cream! Something about cookies and cream that just does it for me and for a lot of other people I might gladly say....Very very popular lately. Why this weekend...I've had three orders with the same fillings! hmmmmmm!

Of course no delivery of mine is without a little story. Well almost no delivery....This one was easy peezy....I only had to combat one traffic light and three stop signs! It goes on record as the brainer deliveries of all time! Except that...even though I knew the neighborhood I still got a little lost....How the heck do numbers on houses go from say....63 - 57- something.....on the same block!!!!  Only in Queens my dear friends...only in Queens...But then was before noon. I don't do well before noon. LOL!

Well...just got word that Josh was shocked and surprised and loved the cake! Just take a look at the pic Annette sent and posted on FB! Picture tells a thousand words. That said...enough words from me...just enjoy the pic....Got Milk anyone!

Happy Birthday Josh!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Three Adorable Little Boys Celebrate Their Birthdays With A Legoland Themed Cake

Vincenzo's, Giacomo's and Pasquale's Legoland Cake

When asked to create a Lego themed cake for these three little boys, Vincenzo, Giacomo and Pasquale, I thought, what better way to get inspiration but by looking at the California Legoland website....well....second best...I would have preferred to go to California for a first hand experience....but the website was a decent alternative. The first thing I saw was the Lego structure of their 10th Anniversary Cake. Aha! There it is...why not make a real cake inspired by this Lego structure.
                                             Decorating Process
Each tier was first covered in white fondant, and then....painstakenly, one by one, strips of fondant were placed over the base coat of fondant, to similate the Lego rods. Then, another layer of fondant was added to make the cakes looks like they were dripping in icing. Each letter in the boys' name was freehanded, and placed on a black background. Lego blocks were handcrafted as were the Lego men. No molds here baby!!!!

The cakes were, top tier....Mojito Pound Cake filled with rum Italian Meringue Buttercream, (something special for the adults). Middle tier was a moist vanilla butter cake filled with fresh sugared strawberries and Rum Italian Meringue Buttercream, infused with a strawberry, rum simple syrup. The bottom tier, was a Brooklyn Blackout Cake....Go Brooklyn!....Filled with a pumped up Nutella Italian Meringue Buttercream, garnished with real Baci Hazelnut/Chocolate candy. Num...num.....nummmmmm!

                      How Many People Will a Cake This Size Serve?

Party slices in general are: 1 1/2" x 2" by 4 - 5".

6" Round Cake Serves: 10 - 12
8" Round Cake Serves: 28 - 30
10" Round Cake Serves: 38 - 45

                                 The Joy in Creating Cakes?

There is nothing...but nothing like the look of children's faces when they first see their cake! My only regret was that my camera phone was having issues! However, their faces will forever be in my mind. It was awesome.'s wishing, all three boys a very Happy Birthday! Hope they had fun on their special Lego Day!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Melina Maria's Christening Cake

Photo of Melina's Christening cake sent to me by Joanna.

This elegant Christening Cake was created for baby Melina Maria, who was Christened on June 30th.

The flowers were a mixture of fushia gumpaste magnolias studded with crystals. The middle floaters were  created with crystals which were individually placed all around them. Realized later on....after the fact that I could have purchased crystals on a strip! 
Since the cake was a four tiered cake, with floaters, we decided to assemble the top tier at the venue.

Melina Maria's reception was held at Il Bacco in Little Neck, New York. A really very lovely restaurant with the friendliest of staff and delicious food!

I had so much fun working on this cake's concept with Joanna, Melina's lovely mom. During our consultations it was decided to create a sleek, elegant cake with the colors of the flowers to compliment the fresh verdena roses her florist was to bring to the reception. It's always a good idea when creating any cake with sugarpaste flowers that the designer ask the color scheme and type of flowers will be at the reception.
As we were leaving...Joanna's florist was arriving....Oila!!!! the verdena roses were a complete match!!! We had nailed it! Left smiling!

 If you're wondering what flavors we created for this was a moist, brandy vanilla butter cake, filled with a pumped up Pistachio Italian Meringue Buttercram, infused with just the slightest hint of almond. num num!!!!  From what I heard....everyone loved the cake! Best compliment ever...."The cake was phenomenal! It tasted as great as it looked!" and "Why didn't you leave cards!!!" LOL That's something I simply have to learn how to do. I guess I just get caught up in the set up at delivery...that I forget.

Wishing Joanna and George - kaloriziko to onoma! And may all their dreams and wishes for their little Melina Maria come true.