Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Halle's Sweet 16 Cake Vision

Halle's Favors

It was such a pleasure consulting with Halle and her parents on Halle's vision for her Sweet 16 Cake and favors.

Halle's vision for her cake was to be artsy and out of the box. Loving animal prints we incorporated fantasy zebra and leopard prints into the bottom two tiers. Her third tier was a vision of polka dots...I took the dots and created arched dots. They don't look perse' like animal print....but somehow....the dots to me were a very abstract interpretation of a cheetah.
Halle's top tier represented her color scheme at her venue - The Douglaston Manor, in Douglaston, New York. We wanted to represent the colors as well as Halle's vision of something dreamy and artsy - almost VanGo-ish. Alright...maybe that was more me. The VanGo-ish tone. Her cupcake favors were royal blue chocolate disks with a silver fantasy daisy with a fantasy silver ribbon rose. I wanted to incorporate the two flower elements that were on the cake. The flowers on the cake were in magenta.
The topsy turvy cake Halle requested was made of red velvet cake as were her cupcake favors.

I have to say at this time that the staff at the Douglaston Manor - Daniel Miller (Maitr'd) and servers were absolutely wonderful. From the moment we arrived at the manor to the very last final detail I attended to on the cake - they were extremely helpful. It is service such as theirs that make a cake designer's life so much easier. Thanks guys!

So to our Sweet 16 young lady - Halle...I hope you had a fabulous time at your party. Wishing your Sweet 16 year be filled with all the best and that your dreams come true. To your mom and dad...even though I've only spoken to Halle for a couple of hours....I could tell she is a fantastic teen! Mom and Dad....you should be proud! May all your wishes for Halle come true.

Halle's Vision

Topsy Turvy Sweet 16 Cake at The Douglaston Manor in Douglaston, New York. September 23, 2011.