Saturday, July 12, 2014


Okay, I'm guilty. I have a little bit too much fun creating cakes. But most of all creating them with lovely clients who share with me their vision and then let me go on my own! And top it all off, I get  to deliver my creation to an incredibly beautiful place, such as Suzanne Murphy's apartment. It was so easy staging Sydney's Under the Sea themed birthday cake this year.  Sometimes, when I get to some venues the lighting is such that whatever pic I would take, would not give the cake full justice. Not the case in Suzanne's fabulous home! The lighting, perfection, bright and airy and serene. The colors, everything anyone would want to come home to....white on white with vibrant splashes of color melding into a harmonious, welcoming environment. Ahhhh....perfection to the ultimate degree!
Sydney's cake, took center stage on a modern credenza. This cake lady couldn't have been prouder.
Thank you Suzanne for the opportunity to yet again, create a cake, fullfilling your vision for Sydney's 2nd Birthday!