Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sweet Valentine Cake for Gabriella's 1st Birthday

Maryann, Gabriella, Benjamin and Francine.

I loved loved loved creating this cake for little Gabriella who celebrated her 1st birthday yesterday at Lenny's Clam Bar in Howard Beach.
The cake was a three tiered red velvet with cream cheese filling and Italian Merrengue Buttercream frosting under a buttercream flavored fondant.
The tier in the middle...the clear one was filled with heart shaped candies to be shared with guests.
Wishing Gabriella a Very Happy 1st Birthday.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sportacus Comes to New York

So...what does a cake designer do when asked to make a character cake of a character/s she doesn't know?
Why get to the nearest computer and start researching! Or....the very next best thing? Find a child who can tell you everything there is to know of cartoon characters....and go from there!
For those of us who are somewhat out of the "cartoon/animated t.v. show" loop, here is the low down.
Sportacus, as one can tell is a health nut who is into sports and good sportsmanship along with his side kick Stephanie who live in Lazy Town. Robbie Rotten, a handsome devil, you should see the real life actor who plays this devilishly delightful character, has a get Sportacus to each super rich and fattening foods. He even attempts to get Sportacus to eat .....CAKE! I like him just for that! lol
What was the result of all this research...why a cake of course. I'm thinking that Robbie Rotten would have a field day with the cake we created for a very lucky little boy just a while back.
Happy 2nd Birthday Benjamin!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mini Cake Favors to Celebrate the Upcoming Arrival of Lilly Rose

These precious mini cakes favors were created for Monica's Baby Shower. They will be naming their little girl Lilliana Rose. One of the mini cakes has a sugar lily and the other a sugar rose.
The mini cakes are part of a new line we have created at Amelia Cakes - sooned to be renamed Sweet Alchemy by Amelia.
Both Doris and Rose are the owners of They are a florist located in Howard Beach.
Do link to them to see the wonderful creations they make with flowers.
We at Amelia Cakes and The Cupcake Experience by Thea are very proud to be linked with Designs by Rose Inc.