Monday, October 12, 2009

Asian Influence Cake

I totally enamoured with the use of red and black and gold on cake! My gosh how it pops off the pics! I sound like I'm bragging...I'm sorry...but I simply can't keep my eyes off it!
The gold accent was done with 24K gold dust. So much better than regular luster dust. Just love the way the granules puddle into a liquid gold after adding a little vodka.
The twig you see with the flower blossoms was a heavy gauge wire coated with piping gel and very fine granulated sugar then painted with the gold dust.
Cool huh?
Having so much fun doing what I love.
Gotta go to create a surprise cake for a very lucky young man for this weekend.
No....I'm not baking now!!! Just the sketch and the decorations. Baking is in a couple of day. We do pride ourselves in fresh, moist cakes!

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