Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ibiza in Manhasset

A fabulous time was had by all at Nick's 40th Birthday Bash on Sunday, June 27th. Nick and Maria and their gorgeous children Katie, Melina and Costaki hosted the birthday party of the decade in their beautiful home.
Maria's vision of bringing Ibiza to Manhasset was brought to life with the decor and attention to detail in decorations adorning the tables, the music by International Sounds (DJ George) and wonderful catering staff from PAX Foods and entertainment for the children.
Friends and family gathered to help celebrate Nick's birthday with music and dancing and delicious food and of course cake. Can't have a birthday party without cake...a cake shaped to look like a vintage bottle of fine wine in a crate.

Cake by Amelia of Sweet Alchemy by Amelia. Bottle was made of Rice Krispie Treats. the case was made from a scrumptious Blackout Chocolate Cake filled with Cookies and Cream filling. The grapes were made of sugar! Fooled a lot of people!
It was so much fun creating this cake for Nick. Wishing him a Very Happy Birthday. As we say in Greek...Na ta ekatostisi!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lena's Sweet Baby Shower Cake and Mini Cakes

Lena's Baby Shower Cake

Lena's Baby Shower Cake and Mini Cakes
Memories of great times when our son's were playing high school and college football were brought back when Helene, Lena's mother in law and I were planning Lena's baby shower cake and mini cake favors.
You see Helene's son, John John and my son Terry played together for 8 years....and now....John John is going to be a dad and my son is getting married in August.
As we planned the design of the cakes and the beautiful tower display that my daughter Marilena created, we carried on as if it were yesterday when we were gettting ready to tailgate at one of our games at C.W.Post.
Together we laughed at memories of the antics our boys got into and tears of joy were shared as we talked about our families.
If you're wondering about the the flavors...well...hope you are sitting...or getting that virtual cup of coffee ready....it was a blackout chocolate cake with a light and airy italian merengue and nutella buttercream.
My best wishes to Lena and John John. Can't wait to see the pics of baby when he/she comes.