Thursday, September 24, 2009

Newly Formed Collaboration with French Pastry Chef Phillipe Fallait

We are so excited to announce the newly formed collaboration with French Pastry Chef/Owner Phillipe Fallait of Cafe Triskell.

Chef Phillipe is from Brittany, France, where he also studied the fine art of French Pastry.

He is formerly of the world famous NYC restaurant, Jean George, and has opened for another world class restaurant, in NYC.

Chef Phillipe owns Cafe Triskell where he serves traditional French crepes. His food has attracted the attention of many locals as well as people from his hometown of Brittany. "When they are happy, that makes you feel good. That means you're doing the right thing!"

Right on Chef....I feel the same way when my customers tell me they are happy with the creations I have made for them.

Chef Phillipe's sinfully delicious flavors combined with my creations will debute in two weeks. Stay tuned for the reviews and pics!

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