Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Look on Athan's and Angeliki's Faces Were Priceless!

Delivery of Captain Hook and Peter Pan meet Ariel and Melody is finally complete. We delivered to two beautiful children, nieces of Helen Skarla of Astoria Dance Studio for their 2nd and 4th birthdays respectively.
The unveiling was much anticipated. Both Athan and Angeliki and family stood around the shiny round kitchen table, where I have delivered and unveiled cakes before...and after each unwrapping of the saran film which was tenderly protecting their cake, their eyes got wider and wider with whispers of ooohs and then ahhs.

When the final piece of clear wrap was removed, the children's eyes were as big as saucers.
Matina their mom said she never saw Athan sit quietly for so long!
Each figure was taken in one by one. Each wave and coral pearl admired. The light brown sugar on the cake board very closely resembling a sandy beach was tasted. The pearl shells around the base were brought to the attention of the children. Angeliki, wanted to help put on the swirly waves. She wanted to taste the cake...and began poking her little finger at the fondant. We had to tell her to be patient and that at her party she will be able to eat as much as she wanted. But she had to taste she picked a bit of the brown sugar.....mmmmmm. Then Athan followed suit. Mom had to contain our little cake lovers. ... or in this case sugar lovers.

We finally got the last swirly wave on. I took several photos of the children and their very special cake. I turned around for a second....and when I turned back...there was Angeliki full upper torso on the table....licking one of the waves! Absolutely...toooo cute. I couldn't pull my camera out fast enough to capture that moment!

I have had this experience with several of my wonderful clients. From brides to be, mother's to be, grooms, brides to birthday celebrants. Some more expressive than others, but wonderfully expressive nevertheless. Yet, I always get a kick out of creating for the Skarla family. And such a creative and beautiful family they are, from prima ballerina's to modern dancers and gymnasts.
Helen's daughter is an Olympic medalist for whom I created a cake for the anniversary of her winning her Bronze. It was a podium cake with the Olympic Rings, a Greek flag draped over the side and the rings and ribbons with which she won!

This my friends is what it's all about. Yes, it is the creative process, but it is more, it is the knowing that you have made someone very happy...especially a child. I suppose it is the archetype nurturer in me that prods me to continue what I am doing.

And now on to my next cake journey....the creation of a cake which is going to be a surprise for a groom....and so I really can't tell you (sworn to secrecy) what it is for whom just yet, and a cake for my darling grandson Costaki who turned 7 this summer and for whom I am making a Leggo's themed cake. (Which by the way we designed together while sitting on the balcony in his grandparent's home in Dafnona, Chios, Greece. Very simple...but oh so Costaki. This Yiayia can't wait to get to it.
So with apron on and baseball cap atop of my I go to my little kitchen to begin "caking" yet once again.

....and the cake journey continues.

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