Saturday, September 5, 2009

Melding Captain Hook, Peter Pan, Melody and Ariel

It's Saturday afternoon, and I've just finished putting the canvas onto a two tiered wonky cake for two beautiful siblings, Athan and Angelina. This year they want Captain Hook with Peter Pan for Athan and Ariel with Melody for Angelina.
I must be totally out of the loop...I had to look up "Melody". After a google search found that she is a relative of Ariel. Some say she's Ariel's daughter...others say she's Ariel's sister. Now which is it! I know that Ariel and the Prince were in a relationship...did they get married in one of the movies? Did they have Melody together?
Anyway...the figures are ready...the canvas is ready...and this cake designer is about to pull it all together...How? Well once I get to the blank cake before me I'll know exactly where I will be headed.
Now don't get me wrong...I always sketch something before I execute...but always allow myself artistic license and go with what the cake dictates. It's such a high feeling seeing something come together after days of preparation. I go to play with some fondant and Tylose C and food coloring.
For my friends unfamiliar with Tylose C...its the powder cake decorators use to firm up fondant when we make figures and decorations. Most times the fondant is much too soft for such work so a little dash or so of Tylose give a workable consistency. It's great when you've run out of gumpaste or want to put some decorations flat to the surface of your cake and don't want the awful tasting gumpaste ruining the flavor of your cake.
Ciao for now...I hear Peter Pan and Ariel calling my name!

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