Monday, June 27, 2011

Recent Cakes - Yanni's and Lambraki's Birthday Cakes

Here are Yanni's and Lambraki's Cupcake Towers for their birthday party held at Lucky Strike in New York City. Yanni wanted Super Why and we created a Candyland Cake for Lambraki. Yanni turned 4 and Lambraki turned 1.

There was a lot of pressure with the Super Why cake for Yanni. Why? You ask?

Because Yanni is a Super Why afficionado...There was absolutely no playing around with the image of this character! Either it is....or it isn't! make absolutely - 100% sure it was....I created a 2-D representation of Super Why on sugar paper and tranferred it to pastillage.

On the other hand...Lambraki's was easier. I knew Candyland!!! But to make sure, I got the colors and the little marshmallow king right I went out and bought the game.

Nah....I bought it because I secretly wanted to play it!

Happy Birthday Yanni and Lambraki. Many many many more!

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