Monday, June 27, 2011

Pink Hydrangea Christening Cake

This lovely cake was for a christening held in May of this year. The pink hydrangeas were all completely handcrafted and placed on the cake to give the appearance of petals gently falling down the side of the cake. The piping you see on the bottom and top tiers was freehand.

I remember reading one of my favorite cake design books in a chapter that discussed piping.

I find that when in a very quiet room....and allowing oneself to get into the "zone" the piping flows freely.

I've tried several times to "copy" someone else's patterns...yet found it extremely difficult to do. But, when I gave myself permission to go with the flow...and to allow my imagination to go free...I was pleased with the work and the process.

This cake was a vanilla buttercake filled with fresh strawberries and strawberry puree and whipped cream. It was so hard not taking a slice out of it. Yummy.

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