Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to Theodora

Happy Birthday to Theodora! May every day be filled with all that she wishes and more.

When I asked Theodora what kind of cake she would like for her birthday...the response was..."Whatever you can imagine." Now on the the one hand...this is a daunting feat, because now I had to think of what she might want....On the other hand....I loved the creative freedom she gave me. Being that Theodora is my daughter, I had a pretty good feel for what she might like! However, this time...I was a little stumped....but...not given to throwing up my hands in resignation and frustration....I started thumbing through cyberspace....and hit upon one of my favorite interior designers - Mackenzie-Childs. That's it!!! That's it!!! I'll borrow some of MacKenzie's design elements and incorporate them into a cake. What fun and oh so whimsical! So....after carefully looking through her site, I found a pillow...and off I went.

Her cake was a Chocolate Blackout Cake filled with a Classic American Buttercream. It was a nostalgic flavor combination, bringing one back to when we were in Kindergarten. Admit it people, how many of us "sophisticated" adults, with "sophisticated" palates secretly crave for the sweet cakes of our childhoods! Don't worry....Cakelady here won't tell.

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