Sunday, February 5, 2012

Justin Bieber and Cinderella Come to Port

Joanna and Her Justin Bieber Cake

Princess Cake for Carmela

Princess Carmela and her Princess Cake

So...what a busy weekend this baking mama has had! It was such a pleasure creating these cakes for sisters...Joanna who turned 13 and Carmela who turned 5!!!

Joanna our new teen...celebrated her 13th birthday with a Justin Bieber Cake. Joanna is such a sweet young lady. So so eloquent and polite and all the good things a teen can be! Her favorite colors are purple and lavender and so I created a cake in lavender with a 2-d standup of Justin singing. I guess it's the next best thing to having him be at her party.
Happy Birthday Joanna!!!!

Now as for our little princess Carmela...well she wanted a Princess Cake! And so...I set out to make a cake with a crown filled with royal icing pearls. A crown fit for a princess.
Carmela is adorable!!!! I wish when I was teaching to have had a classroom filled with Carmelas. 
Carmela's favorite color is pink.

  From what I heard...there was going to be a special visitor the Princess Carmela's guessed it....Cinderella of course!
Here is hoping that both Joanna's and Carmela's party were hugely fun!!!!

Their cakes were respectively....chocolate blackout cake filled with a chocolate mousse, and yellow buttercake filled with fresh sugared strawberries and Italian Meringue buttercream.




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