Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gianna's Surprise Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture Handbag with Side Bow

Heart Key Chain Charms Handcrafted by Theodora
Talk about success surprises! Gianna's mom called me several weeks before Gianna's 13th Birthday to order a surprise cake for Gianna. Of course as with all consultations we talked about Gianna's favorite things....and Juicy Couture is one of her all time favorite designers. I have to tell you...the bags are really pretty!
Lisa didn't want Gianna to get a whiff of this surprise cake in any way, shape or form.
So we made arrangements for the cake to be dropped off at her neighbor's house....who by the way happened to be my daughter, which made it even easier.
On the day of delivery...which was to be before 12pm...I received a text from my daughter...."Are you on your way?" I was on the LIE!
Plans had changed...I was NOT to bring the cake to Maria's house...BUT to meet Lisa in the parking lot of the Apple Store at the Americana Manhasset Mall.  She was driving a black Cadillac SUV.  Okay...I'm thinking to myself...this is an espionage delivery.
No sooner do I pull into the lot...there she was...Lisa...with her trunk door open....the cake just had to get into the trunk...a.s.a.p. She didn't want to take any chances of Gianna seeing the cake!
"It's really hard trying to surprise Gianna!" daughter Theodora and I handed over the cake to Lisa. 
She had Stefano...her youngest son sit in the back to watch the seen on those tv shows...He jumped at the opportunity...What kid wouldn't? Wish I had taken a pic of Stefano and the cake.  And after kiss/kiss/hug/ I went back to Queens....and back to her sister-in-laws house went Lisa.
The surprise party was a success from what I heard...Gianna was very surprised with the party and her Juicy Couture Cake!
Momma Lisa!!! You did GREAT!
I have to say....this was the most fun delivery I've had to date!

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