Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Battle of the Bartenders at TGI Friday's

What a fab evening! Jack Daniels Burgers and Cocktails and all for a good cause....Island Harvest Charity.

You know how people say that everything is meant to be? Nothing is by chance...all is written. Well I didn't ascribe to that .... well not fully ....until this event!

Theodora, my daughter and I were having dinner one evening at TGIF, and "by chance" Theodora picked up a sugar packet. On the back of the packette was a trivia question..."What famous actor was trained by TGI Friday's bartenders for the movie "Cocktail". Not telling you all until the end...but most I'm sure know the answer. Anyway...being who I am...I thought it would share this info with our server. Of course she knew the answer....that's not the point...the point is that within our conversation...she told me that TGIF was having a charity fundraiser for Island Harvest soon. Ding Ding Ding...Lightbulb over my head....Why don't I donate something for the event! The server....thought it was a great idea....and called over the assistant manager...who took my card! Well....the very next day...Christopher, the store's manager called me and we set up a meeting to  discuss what would be appropriate for the event.

Met with Christopher and Tiffany, one of the servers and planner for the event, and we came up with the idea of making a huge hamburger cake to represent their famous Jack Daniels Burger. Brilliant!

I set about creating this cake...chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling....complete with fondant fries...chocolate dulce de leche sauce to represent the Jack Daniels Sauce on a board decorated to look like the TGIF tablecloths!

The reaction of the patrons and the TGIF staff was incredible!

The evening at the TGI Friday's in Manhasset was a huge success. The the bartenders exhibited awesome fancy bartending skills, and the drinks along with other goodies were auctioned off. Our burger cake was auctioned off as well at the end of the evening. A very very generous patron won the auction and then had it served to everyone at the bar! Wow!!!

All in I had a fabulous time. Theodora and I met some wonderful people...and to top it off, we met people there we hadn't seen in a while. And the best part of it all! TGI Friday's raised quite a bit of "green" for a very worthy charity...Island Harvest. 

Oh...before I forget...the answer to the question....Tom Cruise of course!

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