Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Melina Maria's Christening Cake

Photo of Melina's Christening cake sent to me by Joanna.

This elegant Christening Cake was created for baby Melina Maria, who was Christened on June 30th.

The flowers were a mixture of fushia gumpaste magnolias studded with crystals. The middle floaters were  created with crystals which were individually placed all around them. Realized later on....after the fact that I could have purchased crystals on a strip! 
Since the cake was a four tiered cake, with floaters, we decided to assemble the top tier at the venue.

Melina Maria's reception was held at Il Bacco in Little Neck, New York. A really very lovely restaurant with the friendliest of staff and delicious food!

I had so much fun working on this cake's concept with Joanna, Melina's lovely mom. During our consultations it was decided to create a sleek, elegant cake with the colors of the flowers to compliment the fresh verdena roses her florist was to bring to the reception. It's always a good idea when creating any cake with sugarpaste flowers that the designer ask the color scheme and type of flowers will be at the reception.
As we were leaving...Joanna's florist was arriving....Oila!!!! the verdena roses were a complete match!!! We had nailed it! Left smiling!

 If you're wondering what flavors we created for this cake...well...it was a moist, brandy vanilla butter cake, filled with a pumped up Pistachio Italian Meringue Buttercram, infused with just the slightest hint of almond. num num!!!!  From what I heard....everyone loved the cake! Best compliment ever...."The cake was phenomenal! It tasted as great as it looked!" and "Why didn't you leave cards!!!" LOL That's something I simply have to learn how to do. I guess I just get caught up in the set up at delivery...that I forget.

Wishing Joanna and George - kaloriziko to onoma! And may all their dreams and wishes for their little Melina Maria come true.

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