Sunday, December 4, 2011

Barbara Streisand Theme Birthday Cake for Lauren's Mom

When Lauren M. called me to create a cake for her mom's birthday for this past weekend I was thrilled. Lauren one of my newest customers had me create a Knick's themed birthday cake for her dad just about two week ago.
 Lauren's mom loves Barbara Streisand! Enough said...I knew exactly where to go with this cake.
Barbara in a black gown, a mic in her hand and a hat that she might have worn ... no guarantee there, in Hello Dolly....but then again...the hats she wore in that movie were really big. Nevertheless, I wanted to get a hat of sorts on my little figurine characature of her.
I had seen Barbara in pearls and with other hats with flowers and a fan so I incorporated those on the side of the cake as well as "pinkish" make-up. I don't think I've seen Barbara in bolder color lipsticks.
As a cake designer, people ask sometimes, where do you get your ideas? Well honestly, for the most part the initial inspiration comes from my customers. I get an idea as to what they have in mind, then I simply go off and do research on what they've said. This time was a little harder as there weren't any and I mean there weren't any cakes I could find with a Barbara Streisand Theme to help jumpstart my creative process. So,  I just found pics of Barbara and her movies, watched her song videos  and listened to a cd of her music I had stashed in my cd archives. My God she has an awesome voice! Once in the Barbara zone...there was no turning back!
Lauren's mom's birthday celebration was held at "388" a lovely restaurant in Roslyn, New York. the way...the cake flavor? Blackout Chocolate Cake filled with Cookies and Cream. now...Barbara's song is stuck in my head...."Memories of the Way We Were". How I love that song!

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