Saturday, July 16, 2011

Andrew Zarian Show Appearance

Wow...who would have thought that this "little girl" from Hell's Kitchen would be doing what she's doing now. In the past year, I made an appearance with Sofia Demetriou on the Andrew Zarian Show - Podcast - Guys From Queens Network, where I created a muppetized Andrew for his birthday, filmed a special for Al Roker Productions - on WeTV - Iced With Sylvia Weinstock, where Sofia and I won a coveted 3 day apprenticeship with the Leonardo DaVinci of Cakes, Sylvia Weinstock, and then appeared again on the Andrew Zarian Show on Thursday, July 14th, where we shared with our viewers, the hilarious antics behind the scenes of "Iced". And in between, opened a shop and closed (not due to any fault of our own) and am in the process of re-opening in Port Washington.
Whew....that was a mouthful. Not to mention all of life's everyday events.
Growing thinks of all the possible things one could be when they grow up. One of my dreams was to be a photographer/documentary film maker. Circumstances didn't allow for it to happen. But there was always an indescribable know like the feelings you get when you want to do feel like you're going to jump out of your skin.... you just can't
pinpoint what it is...yet you know it's a need to create something....anything? I guess this is where destiny pokes it head and sends you places where you never really think anything out of what you expect to happen....and're clear! You know exactly what it is you want to do....when you grow up. Well I'm all grown up now physically, on the other side of 50...yikes...and I am following my dream of having a custom cake shoppe....yes....the clarity was "create cakes", appearing on National Television and a Pod Cast! Hmmm...I wonder what else is on the media horizon.
Well...I am living the dream, and for now....this is where I will be....until that little girl inside of me starts wondering again....."What do I want to be when I grow up?"

Thank you Andrew and Jessica for having Sofia and I on your show! I know I for one had a blast...still thinking about those brownies you had. yummmmmm???????????

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