Friday, April 15, 2011

Just Some Reflections

It's been one month since we closed our door on Plandome. So many people have called however, to place orders, which we are accepting, as we located a commercial kitchen to operate out of while we wait....and wait......and wait.....and wait for permits to do the construction in our new place on Main Street in Port Washington. will be worth the wait, as now I have the time to really think out what it is I want to offer customers and to work closely with my architect Amalia Bournias, who is fabulous by the way on the vision I have for the shoppe.

For my friends and followers who may be dreaming of opening a shop one day, please, please, please take the right steps and do your due diligence prior to signing the lease. Do your research and proceed cautiously! You may be like me...Polyanna, and be a bit too trusting in human nature. Unfortunately, there are those out there who really do not have your best interest in mind and may, lie to you straightfaced or just simply omit the truth about their situations, causing you great inconvenience, a hell of a lot of money and stress and sleepless nights.
However, if your dream is one you don't want to give up, is a dream of sugarplums and fairies...just get back up and as the saying goes...brush yourself off....and move on! This is what I have chosen to do. I have had this dream for years and years...and will not let it evaporate into a mist, especially if the obstacles are caused by others and their struggles!

I know this sounds a little cliche my dear followers, and I for one don't like using cliches, however, how true so many of them are! I guess those who first said them, really had experiences to back up their words.

As a result of "closing one door and opening another", I am hoping that with the television special I will be in with Sofia..."Iced with Sylvia Weinstock", the new door will open opportunities to further blossom my dream of creating a magical world of cakes, cakelettes and cupcakes along with other "cake" related products.

It's a time to sit back and reflect and regroup and revise my business plan and thoughts, and create some new and wonderful cakelette recipes...and what is truly important to fulfilling my dream of being a shoppe owner.

Don't forget to watch WE TV on MAY 11th. ICED WITH SYLVIA WEINSTOCK! Check their website for time of airing!

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