Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sweet Alchemy by Amelia Has Arrived in Manhasset precious. We just loved designing this Purpliscious cake for Anastasia's First Birthday!
This Centerpiece display was created for a Baby Shower held at Limani Restaurant in Roslyn, NY on Northern Blvd. Each cupcake was toped with a 3-D sculpture. Each table at the shower had their own cupcake centerpiece.

Head table centerpiece with a small cake on top of the baby block themed tower.

Indian themed wedding cake for a wedding held at Leonard's of Great Neck. The top tier was adorned with a replica of one of the bride's earrings.

Anastasia's Christening Cake. Christening reception was held at Morton's Steak House on Northern Blvd.

Front view of Anastasia's Cake.

This cake was created for Paul and Desiree for their wedding vow renewal and Christening for their daughter Sophia.

Ahhh...our Katie turned 11!!!!!

This cake was for Cleo. The mom of one of our brides. Happy Birthday Cleo!

25th Wedding Anniversary Cake.

Wedding Vow renewal cake for Lon and JoAnna on their 24th Anniversary. Their party was an Indian Fusion themed party. Elephants on top of cake were sculpted by Theodora.

Sam's Celebration of his new apartment in NYC. This was a biography cake commissioned by his dad Chuck. Best of Luck Sam in your new digs!

Our Costaki turned 8 this summer. What better way to celebrate but with a shark themed cake. The boys loved it! check out the Lego body parts. I think however Mr. Leggo Man will save the day!!!

This awesome cake was created by Theodora for Sweet Alchemy for Timothy who had his birthday at Top Gun Karate on Northern. He loves Toy Story and especially Buzz Light Year. How true to the toy is this cake!!!

Another sculpture created by Theodora. ELMO!!!!

Bridal Shower cupcakes. Simple yet elegant.

Motorcycle themed cake by Theodora of Sweet Alchemy.

Pinkalicious Cake and cupcakes. This is probably one of my favorites!
Again...Theodora our sculptress created this adorable Pinkalicious sculpture.

Pinkaliscious cupcakes to compliment main cake.

More pinkalicious cupcakes.

Yankee's themed cake.

Holy Crap!!! Tom turned 40!

Dora the Explorer cake for our friend Shara's daughter...Adrian.Happy Birthday Adrian.

For the Manhasset Mothers Group we created these chocolate cupcakes with their little birds logo for their season kickoff. We met quite a few of the moms that afternoon. Good Luck ladies for a successful year.

40th Birthday Cake. Our customer's hubby caught a huge ....we mean really huge black stripped bass this summer. You should have seen the pic! So, we created a cake to represent the catch for his 4oth Birthday.

Sponge Bob Square Pants!!!!! Sponge Bob Square Pants!!!! Sponge Bob!!!!

Nicholas' Christening Cake. This cake was designed by Sofia for Sweet Alchemy and executed by moi.
We Finally Did It!!!!
We finally did it! My dream come true...a little custom cake shop in Manhasset, New York.
It's almost two months now since we opened on October 30, 2010 and the response has been wonderful.
But...before I go on...I have to publicly say thank you thank you thank you to all of my family and friends for coming out to our opening celebration and for all of your support and well wishes. The opening would not have been as special as it was without all of you! Our little place still resonates with all of the laughter and smiles from that day! Again...from the bottom of my heart....Thank You!!!!!
Ever since we opened...I have spent nights here...literally...there were several evenings when I or Theodora and I spent the night on the sofa or chair! We even tossed a coin one night to see who gets the sofa! Exhausted you ask! Absolutely....but a good exhaustion! We did however, promise ourselves not to do this again. Unless of course we have there is a tornado or a snow blizzard preventing us from going home. :)
Since opening we've catered to the Manhasset Women's Coalition Against Breast Cancer, the Manhasset Mother's Group, the Flower Hill Mother's Group, Shelter Rock's Sixth Grade Halloween Party, North Shore Nursery's Ladies Night Out...and oh so many fun birthday parties, showers and anniversaries and weddings and christenings.
We've expanded our menu of goodies to cupcakes to order. All we need is a couple of days for those. Soon to come will be frozen tiropetes and kourambiedes....Who wouldn't want such wonderful Greek delicasies as Greek tiropetes and kourambiedes? Just come in and place an order or call us - and we will be happy to make them for you and deliver to your front door!
We will also be giving classes in beginning fondant work starting in late January. Working on the curriculum as we speak.
Classes will be for Mommies and Me, Children: Ages 5 - 7, 8 - 10, 11- 13, teens and adults.
Just stay posted on this blog and my FB page for more info as it becomes available!

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