Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sportacus Comes to New York

So...what does a cake designer do when asked to make a character cake of a character/s she doesn't know?
Why get to the nearest computer and start researching! Or....the very next best thing? Find a child who can tell you everything there is to know of cartoon characters....and go from there!
For those of us who are somewhat out of the "cartoon/animated t.v. show" loop, here is the low down.
Sportacus, as one can tell is a health nut who is into sports and good sportsmanship along with his side kick Stephanie who live in Lazy Town. Robbie Rotten, a handsome devil, you should see the real life actor who plays this devilishly delightful character, has a get Sportacus to each super rich and fattening foods. He even attempts to get Sportacus to eat .....CAKE! I like him just for that! lol
What was the result of all this research...why a cake of course. I'm thinking that Robbie Rotten would have a field day with the cake we created for a very lucky little boy just a while back.
Happy 2nd Birthday Benjamin!!!

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